Patrick Jagoda


University of Chicago Instructorships

University of Chicago Independent Studies

  • Spring 2020: Historical Methods in New Media Studies (graduate)
  • Winter 2020: Quantitative Analysis of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (undergrad)
  • Winter 2019: Graphic Narratives from Historical Fiction to Speculative Storytelling (undergraduate)
  • Winter 2017: Performing Death in Late Capitalism: From Necropolitics to Steve Jobs (graduate)
  • Spring 2014: Network Art: Distance, Intimacy, and Correspondence (graduate/undergraduate study with historical, theoretical, and practice-based components for 6 students)
  • Spring 2013: Algorithmic Poetry (undergraduate)
  • Spring 2013: Video Games and Empathy (graduate)
  • Fall 2012: American Television (graduate)
  • Winter 2012: The Fiction of David Foster Wallace (undergraduate)
  • Spring 2011: New Wave Science Fiction (graduate)
  • Winter 2011: Interdisciplinary Game Design (undergraduate small group design workshop)
  • Fall 2010: Game Studies (graduate)

Duke University Instructorships

  • Summer 2009: Control: Counterculture to Cyberpunk (upper-level English undergrad seminar)
  • Spring 2009: American Hauntings (gateway English course on 18th–21st century literature)
  • Spring 2008: Literary Networks (required interdisciplinary freshman writing course)
  • Fall 2007: Representing Terrorism in Fiction, Film, and Media (elective English seminar)

Duke University Teaching Assistantships

  • Fall 2008: Contemporary American Writers (Prof. Victor Strandberg)
  • Spring 2007: Introduction to Film (Prof. Jane Gaines)
  • Fall 2006: The Pagan Catholic Imagination in American Literature (Prof. Thomas Ferraro)
  • Fall 2005: The Human Genome in Fiction, Film, and the News (Prof. Priscilla Wald)
  • Spring 2005: Body Works: Medicine, Technology, and the Body (Prof. Timothy Lenoir)

Pomona College Teaching Assistantships

  • Spring 2004: Modern-Postmodern Fiction (Prof. Toni Clark)
  • Fall 2003: Trauma, Time, and Fiction: Time-Travel of the Symptom (Prof. Paul Saint-Amour)

Other Teaching Experience and Mentorships

  • 2010: Instructor, “Apocalypse Soon,” Talent Identification Program course for gifted students
  • 2010: Instructor, Capstone Medical Humanities Seminar: “Viral Networks: Narrative, Media, and the Affects of Contagion” (course for medical grad students)
  • 2010: Independent Study Supervisor, Nathaniel Donahue, “Genes, Patents, and Intellectual Property,” Durham Academy.
  • 2009: Mentor, Kenan Fellows Program for Curriculum and Leadership Development
  • 2001: Instructor, Urban Debate League Research Institute, Cal State Fullerton