Patrick Jagoda

The Portal | The Sandbox

electronic literature


Created with: Peter McDonald
Writing: Patrick Jagoda
Web Design: Peter McDonald and Kalil Smith-Nuevelle
Media Production: Philip Ehrenberg and Ashlyn Sparrow
Archiving and Editing: Bea Malsky and Ellen Kladky

The Portal | The Sandbox is a collaboratively constructed electronic literature work that repurposes media assets — text, photographs, audio, puzzles, videos, and social media — collected during an alternate reality game (ARG), The Project, which I co-created in 2013. This work uses a database of media to construct a new narrative. The project began as an attempt, in a six-student independent study on "Network Art: Distance, Intimacy, and Correspondence" that I ran at the University of Chicago, to explore the challenges involved in archiving ARGs and netprov works that include live and ephemeral play. Instead of simply archiving an ARG, the final version of The Portal | The Sandbox constructs a self-contained narrative that draws on forms such as the fable, postmodern fiction, and electronic literature. The Portal | The Sandbox, along with an artist statement, appears in a special issue of the journal hyperrhiz: new media cultures on "netprov" (edited by Mark Marino and Rob Wittig).