Patrick Jagoda

Imagining Futures

speculative design


Created with: Transmedia Story Lab
Collaborators: Thenmozhi Soundararajan, Marquez Rhyne, and Melissa Gilliam
Support: Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry

This interdisciplinary project is an experiment with alternative forms of worlding and future forecasting that foregrounds the voices of marginalized people, rather than the dominant imagination of policymakers and technologists. In winter 2017, the project began with an interdisciplinary course (co-taught by Thenmozhi Soundararajan and Patrick Jagoda) about speculative design and social justice. The course combined theoretical conversations with practice-based experiments of future imagination that used techniques such as speculative object construction, body mapping, game design, and roleplaying. The project continues with a transnational survey and temperature check about alternative future imaginaries that will culminate in a transmedia installation work in 2018.

The syllabus and final projects for the Imagining Futures course.

The Gray Center overview of the project.