Patrick Jagoda

Fourcast Lab

alternate reality game design lab


Fourcast Lab Collective: Patrick Jagoda, Heidi Coleman, Ashlyn Sparrow, Marc Downie, Kristen Schilt, and Ben Kolak

Fourcast Lab is a transmedia design collective based at The University of Chicago that creates Alternate Reality Games (ARGs), pervasive games, cross-platform stories, and networked performances. While core members now include Heidi Coleman, Marc Downie, Patrick Jagoda, Ben Kolak, Kristen Schilt, and Ashlyn Sparrow, the Lab’s influence reaches far beyond these six individuals to include many University of Chicago faculty and staff as well as project-specific professional artists from the Chicago-area.

the parasite (2017): an ARG created for University of Chicago Orientation about diversity, difference, and dissensus on campus.

Terrarium (2019): an ARG about combating climate change across disciplines.

A Labyrinth (2020): An ARG in response to the COVID-19 pandemic organized a video-based choose your own adventure game.

ECHO (2020): An ARG in response to the COVID-19 pandemic including live-streaming encounters with characters.