Patrick Jagoda


interactive fiction and digital game


Created with: Game Changer Chicago Design Lab
Support: University of Chicago Innovation Exchange

Bystander is an interactive narrative (with gameplay elements) that explores the role of bystanders in sexual violence scenarios. The player takes the perspective of a high school junior who confronts a series of episodes linked to sexual violence and harassment. Bystander is a theoretically based intervention that aims to increase the skills, attitudes, and awareness needed to empower high school youth to help combat sexual violence. The experience frames sexual violence prevention as a community-based responsibility. Bystander also challenges common rape myths and explores a continuum of opportunities for individuals to intervene before, during, and/or after a sexual assault.

This piece is currently in development. Updates will appear on the Game Changer Chicago Design Lab Bystander project page.

The game received press coverage in The Guardian and ChicagoInno.