Patrick Jagoda

A Day in the Life

digital game


Created with: Game Changer Chicago Design Lab
Lead Designer: Amanda Dittami
Support: Compton Foundation

A Day in the Life is a single-player, role-playing videogame prototype that situates the player in the everyday world of a high school student. This game uses interactive storytelling and decision-making to work through social and emotional health issues within a broader social, political, and economic context. A Day in the Life encourages dynamic interactions with characters and a world that changes based on player decisions. During the day on which the game takes place, the player is a high school student trapped in a time loop. As either Sanome or Saralyn, the player must navigate through the high school, interact with the characters that populate it, and find a way to stop the day from repeating. This game tackles topics such as bullying, HIV/AIDS, sexual violence, and (un)healthy relationships. It also uses gameplay to explore different modes of empathy.